Saturday, November 08, 2008

wrapping up an easy week

Well, this week has been easy. no speed work, no hard runs. However, it's not exactly been blissful carefree jogging either as I've felt heavy/tired for most of the time. Today for example. tomorrow is another easy (9 min/mile) 15 mile run then back to the fun stuff.

Today - easy 10 mile run at 8:30/mile

I ran a flat route from Del Mar to Cardiff and back. I did this in 1:24 by running 45 min out (even 9 min pace) and 39 min back (just under 8 min pace). Stopped a few times for water. I did not eat breakfast prior and did not get any good sleep last night, so I was happy in general with the run. I never felt very good though. My tendon and right hamstring were ok.

Friday - Trial run in 55 min

just under 9 min miles for just over 6 miles. very easy

Thursday - spin class - easy