Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekly report - week ending 22 Feb 2009

Whew...that was a hard "transition" week. first truly hard week of training since last August. I'm really tired today, and did a spin class and will do a couple thousand yards in the pool in 30 min.

Here's the weekly report:

totals: 22 hours, 55 miles run, 5000 yards swimming, 130 miles bike

Monday 2/16
- off

Tuesday 2/17 - Schedule: 2 hour spin, 10 mile run, Actual: 1.5 hour spin, 11.5 miles total running.

am: 1.5 hour spin in Bernie's class, followed by 5 mile "transition" run. easy workout. pm: 6.5 mile trail run in 55 min..Felt slow during the afternoon run.

Wednesday - schedule: masters swim, 18 mile run, Actual - (did schedule)

Masters was mostly freestyle (yea!) for about 3000 yards. did the 5:45 am class. Directly afterward I did the 18 mile run up to Solana Beach and back.

Thursday - schedule: 2 hour spin, 6 mile run, Actual: 1 hour spin, 1.5 hour run.

I did the morning spin with Bernie, then later did a 1.5 hour bike ride (slooooow) with my dad. Easy day.

Friday - Schedule (masters 3000, 15 mile run) actual - masters 'lite' (1500Y) and 12 mile run...

I was tired and did not make the actual masters swim. instead I did a slow swim later. I ran 12 miles directly after (no time for 15).

Saturday - schedule: 112 mile bike, 6 mile run, Actual: 100 mile bike

This was really hard. A couple of faster riders were invited to join this mellow ride, and naturally it got fast many times...really fast. I hung in there though. but passed out when I got home. It was a really hard workout for me and I was not myself the rest of the day.

Sunday - schedule: 15 mile run. Actual: 15 mile run, 30 mile ride (Palomar, Toc)

the run was surprisingly easy give the Saturday workout. The ride up Palomar got to me though, and I became tired by the end of the day.