Monday, March 02, 2009

Week ending 1 March 2009

This was a high volume week: 22.5 hours

Let's start with a repeat of Monday 23 Feb - 2.5 hours.

I'm tired. It must have been the last week, but boy I felt tired during both the 1 hour spin (Kelly Webster) at 8 am or the 2000Y swim at 4:45 pm. I don't feel recovered...

I actually started the spin 30 min early so it was really 1.5 hours. I did mostly free style (200 IM too) alone at the pool around 4:45. It was crowded!

Tuesday 24 Feb
3.5 hours


I did a 1 hour spin class with Bernie. EZ.
Then, I ran rode up to B&L and dropped my bike off for a tune up....
then I ran home and did 16 x 100 intervals fast on the way home.

Wednesday 25 Feb
4 hours

Met Andi and Julie for a 50 mile elfin ride - EZ.
1 hour swim in the afternoon - mostly Free.

Thursday 26 Feb - 3 hours

1 hour Bernie spin
9 mile run up to B&L to get the bike, and then a ride home.

Friday 27 Feb - 2.5 hours

6 mile early run with Matt and Bernie and Julie B
1.5 hour lunchtime swim

Sat - nichts

Sunday 1 March - 7 hours

Longest 100 mile bike ride in years. Did the GranFondo east county ride. it was hot and hilly, but fun. Finished feeling really strong and could have easily gone another 50 miles.