Saturday, November 14, 2009

Elfin "lite" and trail

what a difference 10 weeks and 10 lbs has made. talk about a slug! I've now got to take the next 10 weeks and reverse it, and hope to improve on my marathon time of 2008 of 3:15. We'll see. Lydiard would have me doing this: M 60, T90, W60, TH90, F60, Sa60, Su120. that's like (7,11, 7, 11, 7, 7, 14 = 64 miles). We'll see.

at any rate I'm glad david Mandel talked me into riding Thursday as I was becoming a slave to my office at home. We rode a decent pace, he had to slow down a couple times for me. We went from Fletcher Cove and followed the Swamis ride. It was about 40 miles total back through RSF.

today I ran the trail, but did not get the time started. It seemed slow and very hard - a bad combo. when a group of "ladies" (not athletes) passed me that was one of those crystalizing moments when it occured to me that perhaps I'd let myself go a bit too far in the "recovery" mode.

Once you start to slip backward in your training it's a challenge to jump back in at the same pace/effort. If you slip too far back it beomes a struggle; your brain is where your body was 10 weeks earlier, but your body has slid into disrepair. But that's forgetting what fun it was to be fit and still eating a was relaxing, and getting back into shape at my own pace, fast or slow, will be essential.

Ten weeks until the Carlsbad Marathon.