Sunday, May 29, 2011

The four week jump start has begun

With seven weeks until Vineman, and me woefully slow and out of shape, having sloughed off the first five months of this year, well, three if you don't count the broken leg recovery months jan/feb, i'm forced to do a radical low cal/high protein diet for four weeks ala Racing Weight by Matt Fitzgerald.  I'm going to stick to the following diet - more or less - until the race:

- Breakfast - purefit bar (250 cal with coffee/cream)
- snack - bagel or wheat toast with cream cheese (250 cal)
- lunch - tuna/turkey sandiwch and fruit (500 cal)
- snack - protein shake (300 cal)
- dinner - mostly fish/lean meat/soups/salad/veggies (750 cal)
- snack - TBD (250 cal)

total - 2300 Cal/day

Workouts - 10 per week, our about 13 - 15 hours working out, or about 1500 cal per day.  If I burn 2400 cal/day doing nothing, then I need about 3500 cal/day total.  perhaps the 2300 cal/day, which is a 1200 cal/day deficit it way too much. The books say 500 is the most (1 lb/week of fat burn) but i'm in a hurry.  i'm on the 2 lb/week fat burn - which as we know never goes as fast as you think, and is not as linear as you think.

Last night tried a Chris Carmichael recipe - baked halibut on a bed of lentil beans with red peppers and a light salad.  it was tasty, but I woke up hungry today at 5:30 am.

What a month this will be!