Monday, December 05, 2011

CIM 2011 3:14, PR/BQ-20

Results of yesterday's CIM


My chip time: 3:14:18, which puts my exactly 42 seconds inside the prized "BQ-20" category which means I beat my 50-54 qualification time of 3:35 by more than 20 minutes.  Having said that, it reamins a toss up which was harder, yesterday's race - or - the time I ran a 4:20 at Boston without the benefit of training.   As I write this on Monday morning,  walking remains a challenge.  I'm still seriously sore.  Stairs are not my friend

Race Report:

The week was rather uneventful:

Sunday  - intervals 6 x 400 in 85 seconds
Monday - nothing (and nearly no food)
Tuesday - nothing (and nearly no food)
Wednesday - nothing (and nearly no food), and a massage
Thursady - 10 km run with some speed work
Friday - nothing
Saturday - 4 km run with pickups

I tried to squeeze myself down to 170 pounds and managed to do that by not eating for a few days.  It worked, but was probably more water weight.  I dont' know.

I ate lightly on Thursday - fist tacos for dinner.  Friday, I worked in my hotel room most of the day, having some fries and pasta for dinner at Il Fornaio.  Saturday I ran 4 km around the hotel and did some 1:30 strides. I felt a bit heavy and fatigued.  after the run I had a a starbucks panini, some bread. (400 cal) .  For lunch, I  had a turkey sandwich (500 cal)  then slept for a couple hours in the afternoon.  For dinner I had some pasta and a couple of heinekens.  probably 1500 - 1800 calories total for saturday.

Race morning I got up at 4 am and had some odawala mango smoothie and coffee. I had no solid food on race morning. at 5 am I took the bus and my smoothie to Folsolm.  at 6:15 I had a couple of gels (200 cal total) and finished my smoothie. The total calorie intake for race morning was 500 calories.

Despite the fact that it was 34 degrees, I elected to wear only a tank top and shorts.  I had a hat and gloves too. it was REALLY cold.  My hands were numb.  I did not get out of the bus until 10 min prior to race time (6:50) and, put my bag of clothes in the truck and went up to the 3:10 pace team to huddle for warmth.  that worked by the way...sort of.

I ran very comfortably the first few miles.  It felt really slow, and I think we started about 7:15 right away and he just stayed there the whole time.  when the course started to go downhill, I felt constrained so I sped up a bit and left the group.  at about half the aid stations  - which were like every 3 miles - I had a couple of oz. of sport drink. I think I consumed a total of like 100 calories during the first 20 miles of the race.

At about18 miles I began to get sore in my hamstrings.  First one side, then the other.  Then my calves. then my quads.  By 21 miles I was pretty sore and slowing down. I was not winded at all, but just felt if I was running out of gas. By mile 22 I was in some serious pain.  I pushed hard, but I felt like I was falling apart.  I was running a 3:07 pace (1:33:30 for the first half of the marathon) until about mile 21, but now I was fading fast.

I was afraid to look at my watch and those mile markers could not come fast enough.  I kept checking my watch again and again and pushing.  I wanted to slow way down but convinced myself I'd never live with myself if I did, so kept pushing. My heart rate was not that high, the issue was the pain in my legs, which had become excruciating.  At about the 22 mile marker the 3:10 group passed me and I just watched them run by. I could not, try as might, keep up.  My new goal became "sub 3:15" which would be BQ-20 and a PR.   I decided I would do that or die trying.  I did it! when I crossed the line I collapsed on the grass and just sucked down some chocolate milk.

Here's my splits:


27 Kelley, Mark 3726 M 51 648 517/3270San Diego CA 3:14:45 7:26 3:14:18 42:16 1:33:43 2:23:50