Tuesday, March 27, 2012

feeling so-so

OK - so i'm back to bernie's 5:45 spin class and the 5 am wake up call - however - i should not brag about that until i'm up at 5 for 2/3 of the month.  So let's wait and see.

After the 2 week november taper, followed by the marathon and light runing in december, "sciatica"  January sucked, and was followed by "atrial flutte" February and Physical therapy in Feb too. With 14 weeks until IM Austria I'm stressing.  But I'm doing the miles now and will do the event.

With that commitment,  I need to get in good enough shape to avoid the pain in July.  And so far March has been ok, except for running which has been tiring. I ran halfway to the end of the dirt trail on Sunday and that was a struggle.  My right leg remains much smaller than my left, and as a result I'm running awkwardly and it's very tiring. I'm supposed to run 90 min thursday, and i'll run for an hour today and see how that goes first.