Thursday, May 03, 2012

second run of the week

After a very hard 80 mile bike on Saturday, followed by wicked cramps, I've ran a couple times this week.  But first, some color on the cramps. 

After a the night of Carles's party, I joined Bernie at 8 am at the PAC to ride to San Onofre and back - 85miles.  I began cramping about about mile 55 mile point - while in Camp Pendelton.  First the right quad, then  the left, all the way through the camp.   When I came out in Oceanside I'd had cramps in every part of both legs so bad I had to coast for miles.  Could not turn the legs over. I hopped on the train to Solana Beach and rode back to Del mar from there - still cramping.   Tried sleeping it off - but to no avail.  Just as after an Ironman, the cramping was so bad I could not sleep. 

AFter  a massage on Sunday, EFX on Monday, run tuesday, efx wed, I ran 10Km today SLOWLY to the trail end at 10 min;mile.  I feel ok today - actually surprisingly good!