Tuesday, March 27, 2012

so heavy and slow during recovery

1:20 spin, 20 min run

Well, today started well and ended with a pathetic whimper. I easily popped out of bed at 5 am and started spinning around 5:35 am.  My neighbor Richard, the ultramarathoner who is somewhat of an "isolationist" was next to me on a bike in Bernie's class.  Andi, Dan Negroni, Greg the captain, Jeff Fargo and the other regulars where there.

the Run was another story. I did that around 4:00 and it totally sucked.  I was dead from the get-go.  Felt tired the entire time, turned around at the stoplight by 56.  ran back slowly.

I was simply dead this afternoon, mildly sore in my right hamstring (the sciatica leg) and weak.