Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wed/Thursday workouts

Wed - 30 min efx, 45 min run: 1:15 aerobic/easy total

 I had some heart issues on Tuesday, so, I too Bystolic - as recommended by my cardiologist - and that has the incredible effect of capping my HR at like matter how hard I'm running. Well almost. At any rate when you are on this blood pressure medicine you are TIRED at a low heart rate.  Your legs are going "how about some more blood..please??" and your heart says "nope - that's all for today". I never felt so tired going so slowly.

Thursday - 40 mile bike at 16 mph, 115avg HR, 154 max

Felt a bit better today, but not 100%.  At any rate, I "cruised" a 16 mph ride climbing about 2000' alone midday.  Generally felt good.