Tuesday, November 27, 2012

running along, ramping mileage well so far


injury alert: my left ankle has been very sore for the past couple weeks, but it goes away when i'm exercising so it never makes it into my log.  Well,  it's still there and is more of a pain after i'm sitting for a long time rather than jogging/biking/training. It's sore right now, but only when I stand up.  I wonder if this is what arthritis feels like?

Tuesday 27 November:

30 min efx, 1.5 hour bike

Weight still hanging on in the low 180s but going down slightly. Running - while still slow - is improving.  Actually today was a bike day and it was a bit chilly (low 60s) but not cold. Arm warmers, no jacket. 

I rode the RSF 25 miler (reverse stud loop) course.  14.8 MPH, 115 BPM HR average.   Started the day with 30 min on the EFX trainer at 8 am.

Monday 26 November:

30 min efx, 1 hour run

Yesterday I also began with the EFX and ran 1 hour on the beach, which was somewhat uncomfortable but I just did the one hour on the beach at low tide.  10 min miles, HR at 146 average...still tired from Sunday. 

Sunday 25 November 

10.8 mile run, 10:44/mile, flat

This was hard to do, but made it through the 10.8 miles.  Next Sunday will be 12 miles.

I ran down to the train station and back which is just about 11 miles.  I turned around at 5.5 but somehow ended up with a 10.8 total.