Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ready for Rock N Roll Marathon...but then...calf injury?

everything had been going so well since Boston.  I was doing longer/faster runs, good speedwork, everything falling into place...

...when suddenly I had a stabbing pain the middle/meaty portion of my left calf on the back side while warming up yesterday - Wednesday - in the third 8 min mile on a treadmill.  I was going to do 5 miles at 8 min/mile and then finish with 2 miles at 7 min/mile.  my right leg felt a bit tight, then suddenly I got a stabbing pain and had to abruptly stop running.  Ouch.  Tried to stretch and run again, but it got worse. I stopped the treadmill and went over and use the stick/roller to try and rub it out.  No good. rode my bike back home from the PAC and then took a couple ibuprofen.

I did the 10 on/10 off icing routine last night and felt OK this morning.  Walked around - but did not try to run.  About an hour ago (3 pm) I was walking and feeling fine when it struck again and I had to hop around on my left leg.

In the even a miracle occurs and I can run, I'm monitoring my eating this time.  I'm dong with the pre-carbo-loading-protein-only diet I've been on since Sunday.  Today I began with the 550 g of carbs/day.

Thursday carbs/calories:

toast w/jam: 31g (c = 100)
10 dried apricots: 50 g (c=200)
package of rice:  112 g (c=580)
can mandarin oranges = 72 g (c=315)
half package rice: 56 g (c=290)
10 scallops : 17 g (c=350)

total = 338 g