Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tuesday V02Max Workout 12 da

Workout: 10 mile run w 6 x 600 at 5K race pace
Weight: 172
Health: good. no tendon pain
Weather: cooled off a bit from the last few days - 70 degrees, nice 5 mph breeze


Ran from home down to Pump Station 65 road.  Then began running "approximately" 600 Meters at a fair pace.  The odd ones were very slightly downhill and with the wind, the evens are the opposite coming back north from the pump station towards carmel valley road.

I noticed during the third repeat/interval that the road was marked.  How I've never noticed that is beyond me, but it was a pleasant discovery.  The markers are every 100 m.  something about seeing the road marked sped me up.  The pairs (down/back) were 2:19/2:17 (6:30 pace), 2:16/2:10 (6:08), 2:04/2:17 (5:54).  By the last couple I was feeling it and realized I had probably going a bit too fast.  the 3.5 mile run home was sluggish, but I felt good near the end.