Saturday, May 11, 2013

Strong and Fast Saturday Run

Weight: 173.2
Sleep: 6 hours
Run: 20.9 miles from HoPo to Shelter Island, over to Harbor Island, back to Shelter Island and then back to HoPo.  Mostly flat.

Ate pasta lunch Friday after a 5 mile run in the AM.  I was still sore from the hard workout Tuesday (35min @7:45, 15 min @ 6:00, 15 min @ 7:45, 10 min @ 6:00, 10 min @ 8:00 cool down) even on Friday, but kept it mostly slow Wed-Fri in the 8:30 - 9:00 range.  

Knowing this was going to be the big/hard workout of the week ate a lot of food on Friday including a big bread/pasta lunch, nutzo bagel snack, large baked chicken and rice dinner, lots of water.  That's why my weight went up 2 lbs from Friday morning to Saturday morning - water and food.

after starting with the group @8:00,  we slowly picked it up.  In our group was Candy, Brooke, MarkG, JimG, Jaime (who know Carles), and some others.  We were group 2. Group 1 was Leonard Trihn, Ryan and Nate. They did the 20 miles at 7:30 with 10 miles at 6:45 in the middle (this was there last run prior to Ojai).  JimG, Brooke, myself and some others were doing RNR and have three weeks remaining.  Our run was 22 miles with some MP, but unstructured.

We sped up to about 7:40 and that split the group up. If we are supposed to be doing the run 1 min/mil slower than MP, then 7:40 is too speedy for a long run, but that's what seems to happen.  I'm as guilty/more guilty of pushing the pace.  Probably 8:15 with 10 miles of MP would have been ideal, but what we did was hold at 7:40 until the middle of the first shelter island loop.  Then Candy/Jaime went on while MarkG/JimG and I took a quick nature break at the bathroom on the island.  When we came up the "catch-up chase" was on.  They had opened about a 30 second lead I'd guess, so catching up dropped the pace to 7:30 or so for a few miles. I caught them going on to Harbor Island, then ran with Jaime as Candy was turning back to keep it at 16 miles.

Jim was doing a smart pace, slightly slower and was probably about 30 seconds behind us (I'm guessing).  My plan was to do 2 miles at MP on Shelter island just for the feeling.  We ran back from the aid station near Harbor Island with Brooke#2 (Ojai) and turned on to Shelter Island, where my MP was starting.   Miles 15 and 16 averaged 7:15 which is my RNR goal pace.

We re-grouped at the aid station after shelter island and ran together the last few miles in.  We did a fast last mile, and jim ran another 2 miles for a total of 24!

Came home and took a nap and had a pretty bad cramp in my right thigh; very painful, for about 30 seconds, other than that - great day.