Friday, June 14, 2013

fatter and fatter

OK - so this "recovery" thing is making me fat.  I got on that carbo-loading train prior to the RnR marathon and have not got off yet.  Stress about work I guess. Anyhow, weighed in at 177.6 this morning, 12 lbs more than the week after Boston was which about two months ago now.  If I gained 12 lbs in two months I should be able to lose it in two months as well.

Tried running at the gym yesterday and the back of my right leg was sore, but only mildly.  A spot directly behind the knee.  I'm going to try running today.  we'll see.

Meanwhile, I'm going to go back on the paleo diet for the next 8 weeks and stop this carb fest. 

after today ;)