Sunday, June 30, 2013

Training feeling like normal again

  • Weight: 175.2
  • Today's Plan: 13 miles
  • Today's Actual: 12.3 miles to powerhouse park
  • How it felt: 
    • I've begun to eat more food the day or two prior to the longer events.  Going forward starting Thursday morning eating a good breakfast and two more substantial meals and onto Friday through dinner would help to maintain the weekend.
    • I'm planning on doing weekends like "normal" for the next few months: long bike, long run. I can swap order depending on group activities.  For today I was eating a lot - not all good food of course - on Friday/Saturday - and felt "fueled" for both the 50 mile ride yesterday as well as 12.3 mile run today. 
    • no hamstring pain at all today.  a couple mild twinges where I could feel something, but not painful.  left tendon was a bit sore however so I iced it afterward.
    • The run itself was from home to powerhouse via 101 and back.  ran back faster than I ran out by about 1 min, but very slowly the whole time...except...
    • was passed by a guy at about 1 mile from the trail end heading back.  Kept up with him than ran fast up carmel county road and home.  the last mile, uphill, was the only one under 8 min and about the only one under 9. it was that slow/easy a day.  Was able to put that today was truly and EASY day!