Monday, March 17, 2014

EZ 14 mile St. Patrick's day Monday

Plan:  14 mile run
Actual: 14 mile run from 4th street in Del Mar up to Encinitas (H street or so)
Conditions:   ideal - 65 degrees, sunny, beautiful
Morning weight/sleep/nutrition: Woke up with a headache and mild sore throat.  I did get 7 hours of sleep, but still felt bad.  Woke up at 5:40 or so, went back to sleep, but not very restful sleep. I may have a very mild virus.  Julia does not feel all that well either. May have been all that shared potluck food after the long run with the club on Sunday. Who knows.
Stretching today: Took time doing TP stretching in the morning. 

How it felt: felt bad at first.  I was running in the Nike Lunarglide shoes (the "cruel shoes") that always seem to leave me with a sore tendon.  But that went away after awhile. the first couple of miles - which are typically fast on this course as it's downhill  - were relatively slow (8:00 average). I felt like I had some lingering virus. I never looked at my watch and opted to run easy and see what time was the outcome. Miles 3 and 4 through Solana Beach began to feel better.  The fifth mile down the hill on 101 north into Cardiff I naturally sped up and was feeling downright good. then an easy jog up the hill to Swamis for mile 6 at 8:26 and still a low HR (136). 

For some reason I thought that it was exactly 7 miles from Del Mar (4th street) to Swamis - but it's only 6.5 miles, so I ran another flat half mile to the Beachside Bar and Grill where - shocker - they were already celebrating St. Patrick's Day. Then I ran home and continued to feel better by the mile.  It was the first time I ran up that last mile to mile 14 feeling that good - albeit at only 8:27/mile for mile 14 - in some time.  Never tired. HR low.  See if I'm beginning to recover and waiting for some fasties to join me in tempo on Wed at Mission Bay.