Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Lighter and lighter - running on empty again

 Today's run near the turn around point
on the old Sorrento Valley Road

Plan:  6 miles
Actual: 8.2 miles
Conditions:   Just like the photo above - 70 degrees and nice
Morning weight/sleep/nutrition: 166.6/8.5 woke up at 4:30, and had trouble falling back to sleep
Stretching today: did the TP Therapy before run, and after - and I iced the tendon after

How it felt: Felt good at first and I was cruising along. I was the lightest ever today. Last night I felg hungry just before bed so I had some cookies and a finished the protein drink. But still felt hungry during the run. When I got back I was at 163, so I lost 3 lbs in fluids (normal) during the run.  All in all light, and weak.  I've been eating like a pig all day today so we'll see what tomorrow brings. 

Below are the mile splits.  I don't think the HR monitor was working all that well. I'd glance at it and read "160" from time to time so I'd stop and take my pulse and it felt more like 120. I know what 160 feels like, and I never felt like that today.  That slow (8:43) fifth mile at 115 bpm is how the day felt.  Slow, easy.