Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Step Tempo along the bay today

Mission Beach Boardwalk
(and the end of our step tempo at this spot)

Plan:  14 miles with 5 "step tempo" miles. Plan is to run the workout as 8 x 4, 7, 6:30, 6:00, 6:30, 7:00, 8 x 5.  
Actual: Tempo workouts rarely go as planned - and today was no exception to that rule. If it were not for Jessica running with me today I would have flaked a bit more too!  Ran 4.3 miles as an easy warm up at 8:25/mile. We then did the step tempo miles (see below for map/splits) as follows: 6:52, 6:35, 6:35, 6:45. 7:07...then 6.03 miles @ 8:33/mile.  15.33 miles total with the tempo at a 6:47 pace average.  Not bad, but not the plan
Conditions:   Just like the photo above. Perfect. Great to have a RNR/Boston teammate (Jessica Hoffman) to run with today...not just me and my watch and headphones. 
Morning weight/sleep/nutrition: At 3210 cal and 550 g carbs, yesterday was the biggest eating day in weeks, if not all year.  Still just under the 3500 calories the Hanson book says to eat, but boy did I feel full last night at bedtime. I got a solid 7 hours (11-6) of sleep. 
Stretching today:Used the trigger point big roller in the am, stretching after, trigger point..and back to work. 

How it felt: What can I say? it was hard. the warm up was nice and easy, the first mile felt easy too and we started fast and "we" slowed down (Jessica pointed that out...and then we sped back up), but by the middle of mile two (6:35) I could feel the HR creeping upward.  By mile three it was full-blown panting like a dog and remained that way the rest of the tempo miles. Again, like Saturday, back in the now familiar 95% HR zone for a solid 20+ minutes. I sure hope this is helping...cause it hurts. (what a baby!)