Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday prior to 16 mile MP - some concerns remain

Plan: easy 5 mile run
Actual: 5.2 miles @ average 8:29 (went as 8:00 - 8:30 on the way down, 8:30 - 9:00 back) HR 125 bpm
Conditions: 65 degrees and sunny.  Beauty. 
Morning weight/sleep/nutrition: 168.8/8.2 - had 7 hours of sleep and PLENTY to eat the past three days.
Pre-Stretching today: Used the TP Roller this morning when I woke up and last night prior to bed

How it felt: I'm still concerned that I'm over-reaching with Boston and that my 6:50 pace goal is not in my body yet.  I was cognizant of that while I was running today.  Whether it was the Hoka shoes, the accumulated fatigue or both I feel a bit apprehensive about tomorrow's 16 miles with 8 at 6:50 plan.  Today I did not look a the watch at all - just ran at an easy pace.  I felt slow and heavy - and old feeling.  (I suppose I felt "old" too).  I did not feel "light and quick", despite being lighter and quicker than in the past.  I'm secretly hoping that I need to fully recover and that then I'll have that superman feeling, but so far it's more like the old jogger feeling. I could have run faster today, but it would been a strain. 

My prediction for tomorrow is that i'll be able to do the pace work, but, it will be more like the feeling in the half marathon where my HR has to go up over 160 to maintain it.   We'll see tomorrow.