Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thursday - still sore from Sunday/yesterday

Beautiful Mission Bay in San Diego

From Hutch: Today, run 8 miles.  After warming up for a couple of miles, hit your 5K pace for about one minute and then jog a recovery one minute before repeating the sequence until you total between 5-8 of those before cooling down. That's all you need now as you gear up for your first marathon pace work during the 16 miler on Saturday. Got it?

Plan: 8 mile run with 6-8 1 min fast followed by 4 min slow is how I interpret the above instructions
Actual:  7.88 miles with 7 slightly fast 1 min stretches (like 7 min pace, not 6 min)
Conditions: nice cool (64+) morning Wore long sleeves, but was on the warm side. 
Morning weight/sleep/nutrition: 167.2/8.8...did the roller in am and before bed. only 6 hours sleep (woke up at 6 am and could not fall back to sleep. 
Pre-Stretching today: Used the TP Roller this morning when I woke up

How it felt: my quads were sore last night and in the morning.  I had not felt sore since the last race, but today for some reason I suddenly did.  Today was one of those days where I felt OK, but was not monitoring my watch - just the time for the accelerations.  When I started I felt pretty good and ran the first mile easily at a 7:45 pace. then gradually slowed to about 8:15. During the "fast" portion I was not sure how fast I was actually going.  My watch said never faster than about 7 min, but it sure felt faster, which is not a good sign....