Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Beginning month of 127 Max HR

Plan: 1 hour elliptical at HR = 125
Actual: 1 hour elliptical. HR Avg = 120, max = 140
Conditions: (garage)
Morning weight/sleep: 172.8/10.8, 7 hours sleep
Stretching today: not yet

How it felt: It took about 10 min to settle into an aerobic pattern on the treadmill.  The next 50 min was floating around 125 as I changed cadence depending on the song on my ipod. I'm planning on running tomorrow and maintaining this 127 HR for three more weeks, with one day of speed a week only.  Then let's see what the RNR half does for me. 

Last night's Dinner: Gordon Biersch steak medallions, mashed potatoes and veggies 

Breakfast: naked juice mango protein, 1/2 bottle

Lunch:Little Tokyo Restaurant (Ken Stanwood)