Thursday, May 01, 2014


Plan: 5 mile MAF test @ 127 BPM average rate
Actual: 5 Mile MAF test @ 129 bpm average rate
Conditions: Hot (85), Windy at Mission Bay
Morning weight/sleep: 174/10.8, HR 57, 7 hours sleep
Stretching today: had to stretch first thing - tendon very sore.  After that OK.  Stretch again at bedtime tonight

How it felt: Was not fun today, despite going very slowly. It was not exactly hard, but I did not really enjoy the experience. It was very hot/dry/windy at Mission Bay as we have Santa Ana Wind condition this week in San Diego. I actually was going to flake on the run - even when I was down there. However, I then saw two women jogging by with the jogger strollers and dogs in tow and thought to myself "why not".  The film on the news of the winds yesterday (>20 mph) had me a bit spooked, but it was still early.  I jogged back and forth (north/south) from the runner's bathroom at the visitor's center.  I'd planned on warming up a mile, but then decided to just make that mile one.

I was doing the MAF test today. Five miles run at a HR of 127 (180 - my age (53)).  The idea is that by keeping it that low I'm truly in a purely aerobic state 100% of the time and over time my ability to run faster at that low HR will improve.   I'm not sure yet how much of my running miles will be run at that distance over the next several months. for the next few weeks I'm going to be doing that.  The test results are above and here:

  1. 8:31 (tail wind)
  2. 9:19 (head wind)
  3. 9:18 (tail wind)
  4. 10:07 
  5. 10:19
Kept the HR around 127, but it was going up and down a bit.  

As soon as I was done and in the car I detected what felt like Aitrial Flutter, which I thought I may have had a couple years back. My HR was irregular - which it had not been during the run. Felt strange. 

I had a meeting from 10:00 - 11:30 and returned home. the abnormal HR basically went away, but the sore tendon returned and I took a nap in the afternoon. It's 9:40 now and I don't feel that bad, but I do feel tired. 


Last night's Dinner: spagehtti and meat balls, bread

Breakfast: (after run) Kale Blazer, Banana bread

Lunch: yogurt, granola, orange, apple, edamame beans.