Friday, May 02, 2014

Back in the saddle

Plan: 25 mile bike ride
Actual: 24 mile bike ride @ 13.7 MPH HR 103 average, EZ
Conditions: Sunny and warm at 8:00 am. No arm warmers needed
Morning weight/sleep: 172.6/9.7, HR 55, sleep - well, 7 hours. 
Stretching today: Morning did TP 

How it felt: I met Kevin at 8 am on the corner of El Camino Real and Del Mar Heights Road.  We began as always heading north, but stayed straight and did not head into the ranch at El Apajo. Instead, we road through Santa Luz and out Camino Del Sur to the bike lane and went up to the end and then returned.  Was very easy the whole time and we stopped a couple times and my HR stayed very low. The average of 103 says it all.  

Last night's Dinner: Large Chicken Burrito

Breakfast:(pre ride) - PowerGel, apple, (after ride) Protein Zone drink (440 cal), latte

Lunch: Salade Nicoise, water