Saturday, May 03, 2014

Kelly's last run

Had to say goodbye to another runner today as Kelly Szklaney is returning home to the Illinois area to attend nursing school.  She's been here for a couple years and her folks found her an apartament and she's driving across the country on Wednesday.   The RNR nation was running 22 miles today and we had our goodbye jog for Kelly and shared one aid station with the long run crew.  Saw Mark G and Leonard and some others too. 

Plan: 5 miles ez
Actual: 5.3 miles ez
Conditions: warm at HoPo
Morning weight/sleep: 173.7/9.7, HR 53 felt ok
Stretching today: first thing in the morning

How it felt: Left hamstring still very sore and left tendon too.  Althought the hamstring is winning the "more pain" contest.  Now it feels like it's spreading up the back of my left leg like some painful leg disease.  Great.  We jogged pretty easy today and Lisa had Reily her dog with her. Hutch and Candy even ran today.  But it was basically a very small group of Karen W (on her bike), Lisa, Stefanie, Karyn, Kelly and me followed by Hutch and Candy back a bit.  

We ran out to the end of the pier and back in OB. On the way back I nearly tripped when we move over to the side of the sidewalk, and in regaining my balance quickly I re-pulled or at least stressed the left hamstring again. Great. 

Last night's Dinner: Sausage and rice with veggies

Breakfast: Omelette with peppers, mushrooms and cheese, toast and jam, sliced tomatoes.