Thursday, April 10, 2014

Friday easy day - 10 days left

10 more days...

Plan: 4 mile easy run
Actual: 6.2 mile easy run
Conditions: sunny and warm and a little breezy on the old 56 trail
Morning weight/sleep: 172.2/9.3, 7 hours sleep (12:30 - 7:30 am) 
Stretching today:am stretch, pm stretch, massage

How it felt:My left hamstring is sore, and my left tendon. So used this feeling now that I just baby it when it feels this way, and today was a babying day.  I never picked it up at all.  The HR readings are way off - it was more like 110 than 174, which I've noticed more with the ipod. Maybe just a coincidence.  

going to go take a real ice bath upstairs now. 

Last night's Dinner: spaghetti, bread, cookies

Breakfast: (skipped today) 

Lunch:egg salad sandwich on wheat, 1 cup cottage cheeses with pinapples, Naked chia and juice smoothie.

Yesterday's Lunch: Leftover: rice/mushrooms/peppers and 2 sausegest...snack...4 pieces banan bread

Yesterday's Breakfast: Cream of wheat x2