Wednesday, April 09, 2014

I'm serious this time..the actual last MP run..12 days left

Plan: 10 miles with the last 5 tempo
Actual: 9.9 miles with miles 2.4 mile warmup to Via De La Valle, 6.4 miles MP to Cardiff and back to Jakes, 1.3 mile cool down
Conditions: Warm - 70+ degrees..ran along the coast
Morning weight/sleep: 170.4/8.9...6 hours sleep
Stretching today:Yikes - not yet

 7:57 warmup, 6.4 mile MP to Cardiff, 1 back up the hill

 How it felt: I felt light, but a bit stiff when I began. I took off yesterday and am in full taper mode now only running every other day by choice.  I believe I need a long taper to overcome the fatigue of the last 12 weeks, so i'm deviating from the schedule by running less miles - but keeping the pace quick.  

For fun, I looked back at running the same course about 4 weeks (prior to the taper) last year.  It was a longer run (14 miles rather than 10) and I've got two observations.  First, I ran faster today: 7:38/7:50, 7:59/8:28, 7:54/8:41, 6:59/7:30...but the HR today is still high as it's been for the past two months...a full year later and running sub 7 min miles still pushes my HR to 160 (94% of max) 

Today's splits - April 9 2014

 March 27, 2013 - same course (but up to Encinitas) 
Miles 1-5, the same. 

Yesterday's Breakfast:101 Cafe Greek Omlette, Fruit, 2 pieces toast/jam
Yesterday's Lunch: St. Germains Tuna sandwich on wheat, sweet potato fries
Last night's Dinner: Pork roast, brown rice

Breakfast: Cream of wheat x2 (the new normal)
Lunch: (after run) Jamba Juice Kale-ribbean Breeze (med), egg salad sandwich on wheat with mayo.