Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Injured and running slow..but running just the same

Today: 175 lbs, 10% body fat

INJURY REPORT - my left hamstring has been bugging me since the last tempo run prior to Boston.  By 'bugging me' I mean Painful.  During the race I could feel it, and ever since.  Now the entire back of my left leg hurts - but not extremely so.  The calf is sore, the tendon and the hamstring.  It almost entirely goes away during my treadmill runs, but not quite.

My garage: the workout zone II

I've been working out in the garage using the Phil Maffetone plan. This basically gives me the luxury of working out with a MAXIMUM HR of 127 for a the next month.  My goal will be to work up to 80+ miles/week at this rate by July 1.  No speed work.  

that's all for now...still in "hibernation mode"