Thursday, May 08, 2014

Pain without gain

Plan: 8 mile run 
Actual: 8 mile run 
Conditions: very nice day at Mission bay
Morning weight/sleep: 174.4/10.3, HR 49, 
Stretching today: no stretch yet, but need to
Core/Heel drops: 

How it felt: pain from the first step in my left hamstring and my left achilles tendon. So much pain that it affected my running form and I felt as if I was swinging my left leg forward.  If only my left leg felt as great as my right.  I was never really tired today, just in pain.  Ironically, running at my June target of 127 was not an issue as I was constrained by the pain in my leg.  

This probably set me back and I feel as if I'm actually getting worse.  I've felt better doing normal life things like walking around, up stairs, even using the elliptical trainer has not bothered me (although I believe it's contributing to my sore tendon)

Last night's Dinner: pork chop, green beans, mac and cheese, oatmeal cookies 

Breakfast: Cream of wheat

Lunch: chips and guacamole, naked juice green protein