Sunday, June 29, 2014

Always a struggle"

First Run of Summer 
Fletcher Cove 21 June 2014

Ok - so for once nobody is posing for Mark Gorence's photo.  From L-R: Shambra, Christine, Candy, Leonard, Andy Mills (hidden), Patrick, me, Melissa and Karen - who opted not to pose for the photo, but keep stretching.  Mark is behind the lens.

This was a stuggle for your truly.  June has not gone all that much better than May.  The residual fitness from Boston training is long gone and I'm tired and sore all the time these days...wah..wah..wah.  I had to literally stop during this run as my right hamstring was so sore, and I was to tired of my HR going up to 150+ just to keep running funny to stay with the group.  Sooooo....back to my 127 BPM HR training that is so very much fun.  

Yesterday (6/28) I ran down/up the coast from about Palomar Airport road down to Cardiff Kook and back. Just over 14 miles.  SSLLLOOOOWWWW....10:17/mile, which included walking every time my HR went over 127, which with a nice sunny day was a bit warmer (sunburn in fact) than expected. I was with Hutch at the ChuckMcMahon meet in San Marcos in the morning.  So did not begin my run until 10:00 or so.

This comeback seems harder than last summer's.  But it IS underway.  I'm planning a month of long slow runs at 127 BPM peak/average.   Weekly MAF Testing.